Goods & Services API documentation

Goods & Services API documentation

Send Values Across Borders


Over 250 million people around the world send money home every year. At DT One, we make those transactions faster, easier, and widely accessible. Everything we do at DT One crosses borders.

Our global airtime, goods & services and mobile payment network provides an essential combination of services and technology to leading mobile telecommunication companies and financial institutions, including MTN, Singtel, Orange, Western Union, PayPal, and Xoom. Thousands of companies depend on DT One to provide mobile financial transactions for their customers in over 100 countries without the need for a bank account. In the growing field of mobile financial services, DT One offers real time transfer of airtime top-ups, goods and services, and mobile money. Our clients are companies whose user base consists largely of people connecting with family and friends back home. At DT One we help our clients to transact globally — and in turn, we help their customers maintain important connections with loved ones abroad.



The documentation of the DT One Goods & Services API is divided into 4 sections:

  • Get Started: information about how to access the API, retrieve your API key and secret, check connectiviy, …
  • Discovery: information about all the values DT One offers
  • Transactions: information about the different type of transactions available in the API
  • Annexes: additional information such as error codes can be found in this section