Goods & Services API documentation

Goods & Services API documentation
1. How to access the API

How to access the API ?

To access the Goods & Services API, you will have to reach our API End point at the following URL:

To be able to use the service, each of your API calls need to be authenticated with an API key and an API secret. Authentication details are described in the Authentication section of the documentation.

All the communication with the API are done with json formatted data. Content-type of queries should be set to application/json .

How to retrieve your API key & secret ?

Once you have received your account credentials (login, password) to access the DT One web interface, you must log in and retrieve your API secret to be used with the DT One Goods & Services API.

To activate access to your API account, enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Google Authenticator app is available on iTunes and Google Play. We strongly recommend you the use of the Google Authenticator app over SMS Authentication as it is not time or network-dependent. If you do not have access to the Google Authenticator app, select SMS Token.

To get your API key & secret :